Home loan: why use the services of a broker?



Taking out a home loan is an important resolution that commits borrowers for the long term. To fully benefit from the advantages of such a subscription, it is advisable to call upon the services of a mortgage broker, who has all the skills to support each borrower towards the contract most suited to his expectations.

Real estate broker: a precious partner

Real estate broker: a precious partner

A growing number of borrowers recognize the advantages of using the services of a mortgage broker: this broker gives access to contracts with the best market rates. Being in constant contact with lending institutions, the broker knows the different credit offers available. His job will therefore be to advise you on those that best suit your needs. This saves you days of prospecting with establishments.

The mortgage broker has long-standing relationships with several banks and lending organizations. This professional link allows him to have a good capacity of negotiation with the bankers, in order to promise you a credit with more interesting interest rates.

By using the service of a broker, you will give more credibility to your request, because he knows the best arguments to enhance your file. You will then have a better chance of seeing your request succeed. Brokers are paid only at the time of signing, which is why they are motivated to provide quality work as soon as possible.

The brokers also take care of collecting all the elements necessary for your file, an approach which can take you a considerable time. Borrowers can thus organize their planning to devote themselves to their usual obligations, by letting their broker take care of their mortgage application.

Choice of broker: elements to consider

Choice of broker: elements to consider

Using their services is a good resolution, but how do you know the most efficient broker? The selection of the broker should only be made based on his seriousness and his professionalism.

Registration with the Organization for the Single Register of Insurance, Banking and Finance Intermediaries (ORIAS) is for example a good indicator which testifies to the professionalism of the broker. It must also be approved by the Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Solutions (IOBSP). These two organizations are two references for brokerage professions. They allow you, for example, to see the commitment that your broker dedicates to his trade, which is an important guarantee of his seriousness.

In addition, a mortgage broker must be transparent. The mandate is a document that informs you of everything you need to know about its services. Before entrusting your request, you must read the mandate carefully. You will note the broker’s method of organization, the amount of his remuneration, his partner banks, etc. He must in particular have good contacts, in order to provide you with a quality service, because in the absence of a network provided, the products he offers could be limited, which will restrict you in the choice of contract.

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